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Comment from the seminar participant in 2013

Good morning.
Thank you for being allowed to participate in a bridge seminar.
It is very big harvest that it has trained with the friend with the same purpose in the world,
It was a place to notice.
I have recognized the deepness of aikido, and wonderfulness anew.
I am deeply thankful to Mr. Sakabe who offered this place.
It returns to Miyazaki and just told the friend the wonderfulness of the bridge seminar.
In holding a seminar, I image that there were many difficulties.
Thank you very much.
I would like to be accompanied by the friend of Miyazaki and to participate very much, next year also.
I am praying for the more and more development and health of a teacher's future.
   Akira Ito

Mr. Sakabe, good evening.
He is Terashi of the Kagoshima exercise hall.
It was pleasant the other day to this [ the exchange with people of the wonderful aikido house of every country in the world, and / this ].
I think that an injury does not have you, either and it finished the bridge seminar safely and that it was the best.
It has been practicing imagining people which were allowed to participate this time, and participated while remembering what each teacher taught.
It is purified every day so that it may be called an "arm raising seed", when it meets next year.
And I wish to take not one person but a friend next year.
How or I would appreciate your favor then.
Since it thinks that cold will become severe from now on, please take care of yourself.
And please also tell you of 合氣道愛真館 well.
I am looking forward to reunion with you next year.

Hans-Georg Schroeder (ドイツ)Thank's to all for this wonderfull seminar.

Damla Altmboga(イスタンブル)

Thanks for everything Sakabe Sensei. Your organisation was very amazing. We are very happy to meet you. We hope to see you soon again.

Dear Sakabe Sensei,
Thank you very much for organizing the seminar! Although I was not able to train much, it was great fun to watch.
My ankle is doing much better, thank you for checking
I hope I will see you again too.
Best wishes,

The first aikido international seminar to participate
DAICHI ANDO (high school student)
I was allowed to participate in an aikido international seminar for the first time for October 25, last year and two days on the 26th.
Since it was the first participation, it became it tense very much,
Since all people that have participated were only people good at aikido, it worried about the ability of me to do exercise with everybody.
However, when it is actually training and I was puzzled, I was very glad to have taught me how to apply work etc. gently wholly.
This time the place which I was allowed to participate in an aikido international seminar, and regarded as good, Can promote friendship in the person different from usually, a little conversation while training by the ability to cooperate with foreign people, etc., or, The pleasure of aikido has boiled anew because got じ which changes the work currently used usually just for a moment, and does not cook it to show, and thought that it could use also for such a wind and I was allowed to participate in a seminar.
Aikido is continued in order to strengthen oneself from now on.

Thank you, Sensei! I hope to see you again in Kumamoto. What a great city. What great people. I had a wonderful time. Take care, Wendy Whited(アメリカ)

Hello, Sensei.
Thank you for the wonderful seminar. I made many new friends. I am very happy.
Thank you for inviting me to teach. What a wonderful experience for me.
I am on Kyoto. I have been lost already. I got to practice my Japanese. It was fun.
Please take care. See you again soon.
Wendy Whited

Paul Denne(オーストラリア)

Sakabe sensei, Thank you for organising an excellent event yet again.

Great dojo, great sensei, great people,best regards.  Bilgehan(トルコ)

 We finished a wonderful Aikido Bridge Seminar yesterday in Kumamoto, Japan. The participants this year were exceptional with many high ranking Aikidoka from Kyshu and other parts of the world. Munetsugu Sakabe Sensei was the most gracious host and his students were most helpful in every way possible. Here are a few photos - Kumamto Castle founder Kato Kiyomasa, Kumamoto-jo lite up at night and my good friend Kono-san 75 years young and still on the mat training.quite an inspiration to all of us. Jim Alvarez(アメリカ)